About Me

Hi, i'm Claire, 29 year old beauty blogger from Surrey. I started up my blog in 2012 after reading loads of blogs and wondering if I could do the same! So here I am, all pretty with a punch and blogging about anything beauty or fashion related so I can share my experience of what's good and what's not. Although I primarily write about beauty and fashion I sometimes throw in the odd post about life, what I've been up to and other little bits and bobs. 

I have a full time job which unfortunately has nothing to do with beauty, fashion or writing so this little blog is my way of expressing the girlie side in me and meeting people with similar interests. I am honest and passionate in my writing and love that this gives me a platform to air my views - good, bad and the pretty! I live with my wonderful Fiance and his two gorgeous boys so I definitely need my girlie time in the blogging world!

Any comments are gratefully recieved and I reply to each and everyone so if you feel like sharing your thoughts on my posts, please do!

So grab a cuppa, make yourself comfy and read on....

Claire x
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