Monday, 12 November 2012

Yankee Candle Fragrance Mixology Set

I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candles but as they're quite pricey I only ever buy one now and again. So for my birthday I of course put them on my list of things I'd like! One of my friends got me this fantastic little set....
The candles gorgeous fragrances and all really summery and fresh. The pack comes with 6 different fragrance candles and a cute little holder that holds three candles at once. The holder is ideal for tea lights as well so I won't have to keep it only for Yankee candles.
From l - r (top to bottom) the candles in the pack are:
Lilac Blossom, Sweet Honeysuckle, Pink Sands
Beach Walk, French Lavender, Garden Hideaway.
My absolute favourite is Pink Sands which is a light rose smell but really sweet. The Beach Walk is another favourite of mine and compliments the Pink Sands nicely. The Garden Hideaway is really strong and I probably wouldn't buy it again. Most of them are really gorgeous and smell a lot better once they're lit than they do if you sniff the actual candle - which of course you have to do so you know what they smell like - try before you buy and all that!
I loved this present and it's a great way of trying new candles without having to spend a fortune on one you later find you don't like! Although I'm not sure how much this was I'm planning on getting a couple of these for friends for Birthdays. Buying the smaller candles like these is a great idea as are able to change your fragrance more often!
Which Yankee Candle fragrances are your favourite?
Do you think Yankee Candles are worth the money?


  1. Ahh what a lovely pressie, my mum loves Yankee candles I will have to get her this for Christmas :) x

    1. I'm thinking of buying my mum these as well! They're great to try new fragrances. Xx

  2. such a cute presentation!

    xo cassy


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