Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My First Glossy Box ~ July 2012

I had been hearing about Glossy Box for some time now and didn't have a clue what it was all about until I googled it last week. For those of you who don't know it's a company that send you out samples or sometimes full size trials of various different beauty or hair products each month. You can choose from different packages - I opted for the £10 plus £2.95 P&P for 5 products. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Every month towards the end of the month you will receive a Glossy Box with your products in delivered straight to your door! Unfortunately you don't get to choose which products you get but they send you ones based on your profile that you fill in when you first open your account.

So on Wednesday evening I came home to my Glossy Box waiting for me! I was so excited and I little bit nervous that I had wasted money on something that I could potentially be quite disappointed in! The packaging is beautiful and luxurious with the products in a gorgeous pink box with tissue paper and a bow.

In my Glossy Box I received:

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray which is supposed to add texture, volume and body to hair as well as give a beachy look.

Monu Extra Rich Night Cream for Dry / Sensitive Skin which contains lots of yummy hydrating ingredients for skin that has been exposed to the elements. Gorgeously rich cream but unsure how much I'll use it on my combination skin.

Collin Regenerating Collagen Gel. This can be used under your normal moisturiser or left on for 15 minutes as a mask. I used it as a night cream and to be honest I didn't see a visible difference after one use but maybe over time it will show some improvement to my skin.

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting in Irish Cream Pavlova. I know a few other bloggers have also received this as well so it must be quite popular. I actually love this product, it smells amazing and can be used for both lips and as a blusher. The consistency is quite sticky so personally I'm not sure if I'd use it on my cheeks! The colour is stunning and makes lips look lush and volumised! Very pleased with this little tube!

Lastly I also received a Kryolan Satin Powder Sparkling Eye Dust. It doesn't say the colour on the box but does have the number SP 333 which I assume is a reference to the colour?? I'd not actually heard of this brand before so unsure if it's new or if it's not so as well known over here in the UK.
Anyway, its a full size eye colour and the texture is light and fine which means it doesn't look to heavy and the finish is beautiful. Its not a colour I would usually go for as it's a corally orange colour but I think blended in with another colour it will look lovely. I might even use it very lightly as a highlighter on my brow bone depending on what I'm wearing!

All in all I was quite pleased with my first Glossy Box! Especially the eye shadow, lip frosting and texturising spray. I'm not sure why I was sent a cream for dry skin when my profile says I have oily / combination skin and I'm hoping this doesn't keep happening otherwise I'll end up with a load of products I can't actually use!

What was in your Glossy Box this month?
Do you use any other companies that offer a similar thing as Glossy Box?


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Liebster Blog Tag Award

I was very flattered to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Helen from beautifully superfluous! She's always so supportive and makes really helpful comments on my posts.

The Liebster Blog Tag is an award given by a blogger to other bloggers who are up-and-coming with less than 200 followers, which is a great way of saying that you think someone has a great blog and that you enjoy reading it. Apparently Liebster is German for sweet, kind, nice, beloved, dear, valued and endearing. Its a great way of new bloggers getting themselves known and noticed.

1. Each person tagged must write 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer all 11 questions that the blogger that has nominated you has set before creating 11 more questions for the people that you intend to tag for this award.

3. Choose 11 people to tag and name them on a post about the Leibster award.

4. Go to their pages and tell the bloggers you have tagged that you have tagged them.

5. No tags back allowed.


1. Who is your beauty inspiration?

My beauty inspiration is Katy Perry - she's got beautiful big eyes and flawless skin. Her new range of lashes are gorgeous and girly.

2. Who is your fashion inspiration?

Audrina Partridge is probably the person I feel most inspired by fashion wise so I take some of her style and mix it with other styles that Lauren Conrad and Fern Cotton wear.


3. What are your first beauty/fashion memories?

I always remember the first time I started wearing make up, it was my sisters Body Shop pressed powder and a Fudge Brownie lipstick from Rimmel. Fashion memories, I remember buying a long sleeved top from Miss Selfridge with money I'd earned from my first Saturday job - very proud moment!

4. Which subjects did you love/hate studying at school?

I used to love English, I'm still a huge bookworm and would love reading anything from Shakespeare to Poetry, although nowadays I'm more of a 50 Shades of Grey sort of girl! :)
I hated Maths, I couldn't get the hang of long division and fractions and I still struggle with that sort of thing now.

5. Which celebrity do you really want to slap and why?

Hmmmm, there are so many to choose from! I think Imogen Thomas is definitely high up on the list. I liked her when she was in Big Brother but having an affair with a married man really lowered my opinion of her (yes, him too of course!) and she's famous for doing basically nothing - bad role models for young girls generally!

6. Have you got any tattoos/piercings and if you have where and what are they?
I don't have any tattoos at all, although every now and then I wish I was brave enough but I'm scared I'll hate it and regret having it done. I have my tragus pierced on my right ear, its a small diamante stud. Years ago I had my belly button pierced but took it out a few years ago.

7. Which magazines do you religiously buy every month without fail?

I buy Heat nearly every month, I stopped buying magazines regularly as they were costing me a fortune but since I've been blogging I tend to use them for inspiration and keeping up to date with new products and trends. Look Magazine is probably my favourite at the moment.

8. What would you do if you were a boy for 24 hours?

If I were a boy for 24 hours - what wouldn't I do?? I'd definitely go into the boys changing rooms and have a perv at all the men! Next I'd listen in to lads conversations to see what they really talk about ;)

9. Can you describe your personality in five words?

Silly, fun, caring, loving and hyper.

10. Do you prefer silver or gold?

Definitely silver! I associate gold with my Mum and I think silver is a lot more modern!

11. What is your favourite time of year and why?

I love December, not because of all the presents I might get but because of all the twinkly lights, decorations and time with my family and friends. I've always love Christmas, it feels magical and exciting even though I'm in my twenties!


Joanna from Harleanrose for her vintage looking blog and for her fantastic to the point blogs.

Shenley from Shenmoo because of her down to earth approach to blogging and her beautiful fashion sense.

Melissa from Pretty Little Obsessions for her gorgeous photo's on her blogs and the fact I'm a teeny bit jealous of how pretty she always looks in her pictures.

Neha from the The Beautilicious Blogger because of all her amazing nail art and her recent post she did after a request from a reader - thought that was absolutely brilliant!

Brittany from Confessions of a Beauty Addict for introducing me to products I've never heard of but now can't wait to try!

Crystyle from Ms Crystyle Couture for her inspiring blog on all things beauty related that makes me want to buy everything she posts about.

Nisha from Nina Doll Makeup because of her fashion sense and varied photo's of her clothes, life and beauty products.

Shana and Naz from Beauty Beats because of their detailed blogs on products which leave you with no questions on how good or bad a product is.

Sarah from What the Buzz?! for her quirky posts on random unheard of products which has encouraged me to branch out and try new brands.

Stephanie of Stephoosh because of her thorough blogs and introductions to great new products.

Sanne from Confessions of a Blonde for her love of everything stylish, classy and expensive!


1.  Which is your number one beauty product you couldn't live without?

2.  Which is your favourite clothes shop / store to shop in?

3.  If you could, which part of your body would you change and why?

4.  If you had to stick to one brand of beauty products for the rest of your life which would it be?

5.  Do you follow fashion trends or go with your own style?

6.  What's your favourite hair product and why?

7.  What would be your ideal job?

8.  Which do you use more - high street cheaper brands or luxury brands?

9.  What's going on your list for a "must have" for this Autumn / Winter?

10.  What's the best and worst thing about blogging?

11.  Which of your posts/blogs was the most fun/enjoyable to write?

I hope you had fun reading this blog - it took ages but it was worth it to showcase other peoples amazing blogs! 

Thank you to all the other bloggers that I follow for inspiring me and for your help and support. xxx

New Look Spike Tribal Necklace

I recently purchased this gorgeous necklace from New Look after seeing one of the girls who works in there wearing it. The one she was wearing had white spikes on it and not the bronze ones as this one does. I searched high and low for the one she had on but couldn't find it anywhere so I went for this one which is very similar.

I love how elaborate this necklace is and it looks amazing over a round neck top - probably for a night out with a blazer over the top. Its not my usual style but I liked how eye catching it was and how it can dress up a really plain outfit.

At £12.99 I thought this was a bit expensive but I'm happy with it and hoping to get a lot of wear out of it this Autumn/Winter.

What are you thoughts on the new "Spike" look??


Fake Bake Luxurious Golden Bronze 60 Minutes Tan Review

When it comes to fake tan I have pretty much tried everything so I'm always quite dubious about trying expensive ones that claim to be a new revolutionary tan. But last weekend I was due to be going out with the girls for a friends birthday and I realised I had completely forgotten to fake tan and looked almost anaemic. Unfortunately all the tans I usually use take at least 6 - 8 hours to develop, time I didn't have. I thought of buying an instant tan but those usually wash off very easily and with the threat of rain in the air I didn't want to risk looking like a streaky mess on my way to the restaurant!

Whilst I was browsing the different brands of tans I noticed the Fake Bake range and the new 60 minutes tan that claimed to develop a tan in between 1 - 3 hours, just what I needed! I was a little bit wary as it was £23.95 but that's pretty much standard for Fake Bake products.

The blurb on the packaging states that it provides the longest lasting, most natural looking, ultimate fake tan even faster! The package comes with black latex gloves to wear whilst applying and a soft bright pink mitt for an even application. Its a spray bottle and the tan itself is a dark thin liquid that dries within minutes of it being applied to the skin. It has a nice coconut smell to it and the dark colour guide ensures even coverage and prevents you missing areas. It's not sticky and is completely lightweight so you can put your clothes on within minutes of application. The tan contains accelerators to provide a tan in optimum time, with dihdroxyacetone and erythulose that begin working on contact with the skin. 

I applied it and left it on for around 2 hours, that's literally all the time I had but if I could have I would have left it on for at least another hour. I was left with a very subtle darker colour but nothing particularly noticeable - but I am naturally very pale so maybe if your skin is a bit darker than mine you'll get a darker result more quickly. One good thing about this is that you can see the colour developing as you're wearing it so you have a rough idea how it's going to come out.  The bottle does state that its not recommended to wear over 3 hours and I'm unsure whether that's because it's not good for your skin being an intense formulation or whether its because you'll end up looking like one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Lumpas if you do!

I reapplied this Friday night in preparation for a family thing on Saturday, after 4 hours I could see a change in the colour but really wanted a darker look so I decided to leave it on overnight. I was a bit worried doing this as I didn't know what I'd wake up looking like but thought I'd chance it anyway. I'm glad I did as I woke up with a lovely rich brown tan, great coverage and a healthy glow. I had over done it on my feet a bit and between my fingers - my worst tanning errors that I don't seem to learn from no matter how many times I've tanned myself. But other than that I was pleasantly surprised with this product.

I like that you can see it develop and you can wash it off when you've got the right shade. I wouldn't leave it on overnight every time I use it as it's not really the point being a 60 minute tan. Its a great tan to use to top up colour or to have a slight colour if you're limited on time. It left my skin feeling really soft, hydrated and nourished too. It did smell biscuity in the morning but once I'd washed it off that smell went away. I also have quite sensitive skin and suffer with eczema on the back of my legs and this didn't aggravate it or cling to the dry patches which really impressed me. I'd definitely buy this again and would highly recommend it to anyone!

What's your favourite fake tan?
Have you used any of the Ultimo or Famous Dave's tans? xxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

Hello bloggeroonies!
I recently heard about a 'Stippling Brush' that people were raving about and were advising everyone to get. So once I'd learnt there was a brush out there that I didn't have, I rushed straight out to buy it. Took me a while, as apparently other people in Surrey had also heard about it too as they were out of stock for a good few weeks!

I chose the Real Techniques Stippling Brush as it was reasonably priced at £11.99 and it was suggested on one of the websites I went on. However once I got the brush home I realised I didn't actually know what product it was meant for or how I used it! Ooops. I'm quite an impulse buyer and don't always think about things before I buy - hence why I can write a beauty blog as I've tried most products out there!

After a few searches on Youtube I found a fantastic tutorial by goss makeup artist which shows how to apply liquid foundation with the stippling brush. The fantastic thing about this brush is that there's no shedding of the bristles, its soft and using the technique from the video it leaves my foundation looking amazing! After using this brush I literally get a HD effect with my makeup. You can use this to apply powder or blusher but so far I've only really used it with foundation. Although I'd be interested to see how cream blush looks when applied with this brush!

From the video you can see you don't use the brush as you would with a normal foundation brush and instead you sort of make small circular movements all over the skin until its all blended in. I think that's why this brush gives such a great finish and HD effect.

Now I know what this fantastic brush is used for I'll definitely keep using it and might even invest in another so I've got one for liquid foundation and one for powders.

What are your new make up discoveries?
And what brushes do you use? xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Orly Gel FX Nail Lacquers

I had to do a blog on these amazing Gel Nail Lacquers by Orly as I've been using them for a while now and absolutely love them!

I completed a Gel Nail course last year and although I have no other experience with other brands of Gel Lacquers such as Shellac or Gelac I really like these and think they're good quality and make your nails look amazing! Plus they're nutrient infused so they're not actually quite good for your nails, I always notice my nail tips looking whiter and healthier after i've been wearing these.

So far I have only 8 colour from the Orly range as they're quite pricey at £15.99 a bottle but they last for ages so i've not needed to replace any so far.

The Dark Colours -
Plum Noir, Prince Charming, Ruby

The Pinks!
Pixy Stix, Oh Cabana Boy, Lift The Veil

I use Pixy Stix all the time on both my fingers and toes, the photo doesn't do it justice as its a beautiful coral colour. Oh Cabana Boy is so bright I only ever use it on my toes and Lift the Veil is a very subtle pink which is great to wear for work or for a base of a french polish.

The sparklers!
Rage and Prisma Gloss Silver
Rage is a gorgeous gold sparkly colour that I wear by itself where as the Prisma Gloss Silver is a clear gloss with sparkly bits in it that I wear over the top of any of the other colours to give it a little boost!

These are the full range of colours Orly do in the Gel FX range

I did a pedicure and painted my toes with the Plum Noir. Obviously with all of the gel lacquers they need to be cured under a LED light but all of the colours in the Gel FX range are taken from their original nail polish colour range.

As you can see the shine with these polishes after finishing
with the Gel FX Top Coat is stunning!

I love my toes to be blingy so I added a few rhinestones by dipping them in the wet polish with an orange stick before I put them under the lamp. I then put a top coat over the top to seal. I never buy the rhinestones from Boots or Superdrug as they're so expensive for the few measly ones they put in the packet. Instead I buy them off ebay as you get 100's for only a few pounds.

I then did my finger nails in Pixy Stix (my personal favourite!) and added the the Prisma Gloss Silver over the top. I've been asked so many times by random people what brand this is as it's a really stunning and eye catching colour.

Pixy Stix and Prisma Gloss Silver

The gels on my toes usually last about 2 - 3 weeks and the gels on my fingers usually last 10 - 14 days depending on how careful I am with them! But the great thing about this range is you can buy the same colour in normal polish and touch up any chips or infills to make them last just that little bit longer.

My only criticism is the colour range could be bigger, I'd like to see more purples and some pastel colours for summer but other than that I'm really happy I discovered this and completed the course using this brand.

Has anyone used any of the other Gel brands and what are they like?? xxx

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Sweet Smell Of Perfume!

I am very fussy when it comes to perfume and generally stick to just a few that I rotate. I would love to have a bigger perfume collection but a lot of them either smell really alike or are too strong for my delicate nose! :)

My absolute favourite perfume is DKNY Be Delicious Summer Blossom.
Its a really light, summery fragrance without being overly sweet and sickly. My sister wore it on the day of her wedding a few years ago so it reminds me of summer holidays and a gorgeous day with family and friends.
The bottle is cute and the perfume itself is a lovely girly pink colour.

I have been using Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for years and its absolutely gorgeous! To me it smells of oranges, citrus fruits and summer. Three of my favourite smells!
I wear this in the day and evening but it's not a heavy perfume at all.
A bottle lasts me a long time and its not all that expensive to replace.

When it comes to celebrity perfumes I'm not all that fussed and only ever buy perfume if I like the smell rather that who's name is on the bottle.
However I have been a fan of the Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume for last year. A friend of mine was wearing it and I fell in love with it, although when I realised it was a Britney Perfume I was a bit put off. I shouldn't have been as it's fairly inexpensive and smells divinely sweet and fruity.

It might be a little too sweet for some peoples tastes but I like a little bit of sweetness to my perfumes and this does the job just perfectly!
The bottle is also very pretty and looks stunning on my dresser.

What are your favourite perfumes and which are the ones you'd avoid?? xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Products I regret buying...

I recently saw a blog post on the lovely Leannes blog "Thunder and Threads" about blogging and the 10 Blogging commandments which has inspired this blog post. I decided I wanted to do this post about products I regret buying as quite often I blog about things I really like but not about things I'd advise others not to buy!

So here goes....

This is a very recent purchase from the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range. I wasn't so much concerned with the length but bought this Shampoo because it's supposed to give the hair better body and with my hair being fine it could do with some extra oompf!

Luckily I got this on the Boots 3 for 2 offer as its usually £6.99 for a 200ml bottle. The smell is nice but it left my hair too silky and fly away which isn't a great look for my hair! I also found it doesn't leave my hair feeling all that clean and the product build up left my hair looking greasy all over. The only other slightly concerning thing is that whilst using this shampoo I lost a lot more hair in the shower than I usually would. Maybe this wasn't due to the shampoo and it would've happened anyway, but it's put me off using the rest of the bottle.  As much as I'd like to rave about this product I can't, and wouldn't buy again.

I bought Benefit PRRROWL Iridescent Mascara and Shimmering Lip Gloss a while ago, in fact I think it was a limited edition product or one they trialled for a time as I don't think they sell it anymore.

Its basically a greeny/bluey glittery mascara at one end and at the other is a bright pink shimmery lip gloss. Looking back on it I have no idea why I bought it - I'm a sucker for packaging and the girls on the Benefit counter make you think you want it, so I bought it on impulse. I used the lip gloss a couple of times and the mascara once or twice over black mascara for a night out but other than that it has sat in my make up drawer, unused and heading for the bin at some point!

 The pink lip gloss isn't bad but it contains small flecks of green coloured glitter in it which isn't really me! I wouldn't buy this again (even if they still stocked it!) and I'm now really careful when going to the Benefit counter that I don't come away with things I don't need or that are gimmicky!

Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix was also a recent purchase. Having been impressed with the frown fix by Nip + Fab I thought I'd give this a go and moisturise my pins up for the summer. No one likes flakey legs and I do suffer with dry skin so figured they needed some heavy duty smoothing. It's supposed to immediately nourish skin leaving them super silky.

As I mentioned in my Lush post, I have suffered with eczema in the past but not in recent years. This product didn't miraculously leave my legs moisturised or smoothed. I found it itched my skin nearly every time I put it on. I paid £10.25 for a 100ml tube and feel it wasn't the best investment and wouldn't re-purchase again!

That's it for my products I regret buying...I'm sure there will be more at some point the future but hopefully all the other products I've got are ones I'll continue to use.

Which products do you regret buying and why?? xxx

To see Leanne's blogging commandments, click this link:

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Goodies from Lush!

I've never used any Lush products in the past as I've been put off by the over powering smell of their shops in the high street - you can usually smell a Lush shop before you see it! I also suffered with eczema as a child so am quite wary about what I put on my skin as it's still sensitive despite not having it for years.

I came across a youtube review of Lush products by a girl called Toni who recommended the massage bars from Lush which basically look like a bar of soap but they're full of lots of yummy ingredients that moisturise the skin. They're supposed to be rubbed across the skin and as the heat from your body melts the bar it turns slightly oily, allowing it to be used for a massage. On the Lush website they do 12 different massage bars which are different fragrances and textures and ranged between £4 - 8.

I also decided to get the Volcano Foot Mask which is a thick clay like mask in a little tub. It contains Pumice and Kaolin which help to refresh and exfoliate the feet. I put my feet through a lot with the heels I wear so I thought I'd give them a little treat with this!

I got 48 hour delivery and it was there in under that time which I was impressed with. I was so excited to see that little box waiting for me!

Volcano Foot Mask, Therapy Massage Bar (back) and Each Peach
Massage bar (front)

The Volcano Foot Mask was £5.50 for 125g which is a lot for how much you get as it tells you to apply liberally to both feet. It's a thick grey mixture with small gritty bits in to exfoliate the feet. I applied it mainly to the soles of my feet and then put plastic bags over them - it tells you to do this to prevent the mask going dry quickly. Its quite a messy process so I laid out a towel and put my feet on that while I left in on for the 10 minutes as instructed. It  gave a nice cooling sensation so would be perfect for sore feet to refresh. Then you wash it off in the shower and rub the product off with your fingers which again helps to exfoliate the skin. My feet were very cool and soft after I used this and I put some foot cream on straight after to soothe and soften them.

I'm not sure if I'd buy this again, just because of the price and how little you get for your money. But I do think its a good product and will definitely keep using it whilst I've got it.


The massage bars I bought were Each Peach which was £5.25 and Therapy for £6.25, both contain Shea Butter which really helps to soften skin. I thought that Each Peach would smell of Peaches, but its more of a lemon smell but it's still nice. The blurb on the website says it smells of grapefruit, summer sun, sweet orange and lime, so its a very summery, light smell. I use this as a moisturiser as well as a massage bar because of all the essential oils and gorgeous smell.

The Therapy bar has a little raised bump on one side which feels quite strange but nice when its run along your skin. I had been for a run in the week and my leg muscles were sore so I used this bar to massage my calf and thigh muscles. I think it definitely helped and I felt a relaxed after using it. This bar is 100% organic and preservative free so is perfect for sensitive skin. It smells of Lavender and Orange, but it does also smell strongly of herbs which put my partner off completely. It contains Neroli which is a mood lifting oil which apparently increases the Serotonin levels in the brain - hence the name Therapy!

Therapy Massage Bar

I'm really impressed with these massage bars and so glad I've found them! I'll continue to use these and will also try the other types they do including the Hottie and Soft Coeur. As they melt under heat I've been keeping them in lock tight bags but will be investing in the Lush Massage Bar tins in store so I can keep them from drying out or melting away. I think the tins are £2.95 and they're reusable so its not a bad price, although last year they were doing an offer of a free tin when you buy two massage bars so look out for that if it comes back on!
To see what other massage bars are available go to:

What are your favourite Lush products? xxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sleek Make Up Face Contour Kit Review

I finally managed to get hold of a Sleek face contour kit!! My shade (light) has been sold out in my local shops for weeks and this was the last one left on the shelf. I first saw this on a youtube face contouring tutorial, although I've never really given face contouring a thought! This was £6.50 from Superdrug - the only place in my local area that stocks the Sleek brand.

As you can see it comes in a very chic and plain black case and has a small mirror inside. On the left there is pressed powder, which is basically a light textured bronzer. This is used to create shadows on the face such as the cheekbones and either side of the nose.

On the right side is a powder highlighter used to highlight the top of the cheekbones to create a a more defined look. You can also sweep this down the nose to give it a slimmed down look.

The kit comes with a little leaflet that gives you a step by step guide on how to apply including how to blend the two together to diffuse any harsh lines.

I love this and would highly recommend it to anyone! Its a cute little product that's great to have in your bag and is really easy to use. The only thing I would warn you about is not going for the darker or medium shades if you're quite pale. I'm pale and I think the pressed powder is just right for me, any darker and it wouldn't look right at all. The highlighter can be used by itself over your normal bronzer or blusher and also looks pretty brushed on your brow bone to highlight.

The camera doesn't show it too well but the pressed
powder is along the top and the highlighter is just underneath.

Am I jumping on the contouring band waggon really late or have people been doing this for a while? What Sleek products do you use? xxx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Lynx Attract For Her Body Spray Review

I saw this advertised on TV last night and thought it might be a funky product to try and review. I'm not usually in to body sprays as I think i'm slightly too old for them (29) if that is possible?? But mostly I tend to stick to perfumes and haven't used a body spray since I I was about 15! But given the amount of men who use Lynx every day I thought I would give this one a go!

Its only £2.95 and apparently its a limited edition so if you like it, grab a couple of cans! I'm surprised Lynx have done a Women's body spray after all this time of doing just mens products, I can't speak for all men but my partner wasn't happy about it. I think his exact words were "Is nothing sacred anymore for us men??" Talk about dramatic! So maybe I partly bought this to annoy him....don't judge me! :)

This has a fruity and floral fragrance and is very feminine. However I do think its a little young for me as it reminds me of the Impulse fragrances I used when I was a teenager and its a bit too sweet. It's a fairly nice and inoffensive smell...would I buy it again? Personally no I wouldn't, I've discovered i'm not a body spray kinda gal, but you've got to try these things!

What's your favourite fragrance? Have you tried this body spray? xxx

Revlon Lip Butter Sugar Frosting Review

Call me a lipstick junkie but when I tried this out in Superdrug today I knew I was going to walk away with at least one of them despite not needing ANY more lip glosses, lipsticks or balms.

These are basically lipsticks but with an added balm to add hydration and shine. They come in 20 different shades including:

  • Pink Truffle
  • Sugar Frosting
  • Raspberry Pie
  • Tutti Frutti
  • Peach Parfait
  • Candy Apple
  • Cotton Candy
  • Berry Smoothie
I chose Sugar Frosting which is a lovely light pink with a very slight sparkle to it. It's a great colour to wear in the day as its pale but with a lovely sheen. It comes out a lot more sheer than it looks in the picture below but it can be layered a bit to increase the colour.

The packaging has been called "dated" due to the quilting effect on the casing. It does look a bit 80's esque but each different lip colour comes in a different colour casing which is pretty good so you can tell each colour apart when you're scrambling to get ready in the mornings!

I purchased this in Superdrug for £5.99, usually they're £7.99 so it was an absolute bargain!

The Revlon Lip Butters contain hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formual to boost lip moisture by up to 156%

I definitely think these are very hydrating and glide on even though my lips were slightly dry. Beautiful shimmery colour that makes my lips look plump and moisturised. I'd like to try some of the darker colours as I think they'd be fantastic for a night out.

The only slightly annoying thing is that as they're very moisturising the colour doesn't last all that long and I found I had to re-apply a few times.

I'm very impressed with these lip butters and would buy more. The price isn't bad at all and they smell delicious too!

I hope you enjoyed this review - has anyone tried the other colours in the range? What are they like?? xxx

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