Sunday, 26 August 2012

Brevity 3 - Step Beauty Regime - Free Trial Review

Last week I received a tweet from @Brevity_Beauty informing me of their new products and the free trial of the three step beauty regime they were offering. Never one to turn down a freebie I logged onto their website with lightning speed and requested my free sample. 3 days later there they were waiting for me to come home from work.
Inside the packet was a little bottle of cleansing lotion, cleansing bar with lather net (I know - what the hell?? But we'll get to that bit in a minute) and a small tub of the moisturising gel

Brevity's products contain ingredients including "marine collagen, licorice, geranium and Hyaluronic acid, all renowned for helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing pigmentation spots and firming the skin".
With this little trio you use the clear cleansing lotion to remove all of your make up, followed by the cleansing bar to remove any impurities and then finishing off with the moisturising gel.
The clear cleansing lotion was great at removing my make up and I liked the texture of it. Now I realise this isn't supposed to be eaten but I did accidentally lick my lips whilst I was cleansing my face with this...big mistake, absolutely vile tasting which made me gag! Ooops. Won't be doing that again in a hurry!

You then put the cleansing bar into the net bag, get it wet and work up a lather which you then apply all over your face and give a good scrub with the palms of your hands. When I first saw the net bag I was thinking what am I supposed to do with this??? I thought it was quite gimmicky but it does really help to work up a lovely foamy lather from the cleansing bar. As advised in the directions - never ever put the net bag directly on to your face unless you want your skin scratched! This stage was my favourite part of the steps as this foamy bit left my skin so clean it actually squeaked - I kid you not! It left my skin feeling fresh and toned which is basically what I want from a cleanser.

The last part is applying the gel moisturiser as you would a normal moisturiser. This was nice and left my skin moisturised and hydrated.

Having used it for 4 days now I can see my face is a bit clearer but I think I need to use it for a bit longer to see what the long term results would be. I like that it leaves my skin really fresh and clean, although it has left my lips really dry and its hard to avoid get the product on them when you are washing your face. I usually use Liz Earle and I'm not sure I'm ready to change as I am quite happy with my existing cleanser and moisturiser but if I do decide to change I'd definitely think about buying this regime. The cleansing lotion and bar aren't too pricey at £22 and £15 but the moisturiser at £44 puts me off a bit.

To see the full details and range click here
I think Brevity are still offering the trial packs and any purchases at the moment come with a 5% discount so it's a good time to buy!

What are your favourite beauty regime products?
Have you tried Brevity and what do you think?



  1. This looks really good! I'm all for anything that actually makes my face look clearer :) However I agree that the price puts me off too! xxx

    1. It's a shame about the price, especially the moisturiser! Thanks for checking my blog out so quick! x

  2. Ooh that's certainly an interesting new way to Cleanse + tone ha-ha! I do like the look of it although it's a little pricey for my liking. I am personally devoted to Simple! Such perfect prices + I've never had a problem with them.

    Following you now honey!


    1. It was a bit differnt from the "normal" way! I've never tried simple but I should because it would probably suit my sensitive skin! Thanks for following and checking out my blog.
      Great chatting with you earlier xx

  3. Loving everything and anything with hyaluronic acid at the moment although you can't go wrong with good old Liz Earle :) . I swear by Cleanse & Polish!

    1. I've never heard of it before! Liz Earle is amazing, i've never heard of anyone having problems with her products. Can't wait to try out her make up range.

      Thanks for reading honey x


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