Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not so Glossy Box ~ August 2012

This is only my second Glossy Box and I couldn't wait to get it once I received the email saying it had been dispatched...

Sadly I was very disappointed :(  I'll talk you through why my Glossy Box was a huge let down.....

Firstly when I opened the box I noticed there was powder all over the inside of the box, the packaging and the other products in the box. I soon realised the Vera Valenti Eye Shadow Palette had been damaged in transit and one of the colours was crumbling and had spread all over the box - unhappy about this as I then had to wipe down all of the products and it kind of took the shine off the experience of getting the box, if that makes sense??

As you can see the top left colour is damaged and the powder got all over the brush applicator and I hadn't even used it! The colours were OK but the palette was nothing special and to me it looked really cheap and tacky, something I wouldn't even notice or pick up in the shops.

Next up is a product called Lipcote which is basically a lipstick sealer. I used to use this when I was like 14 years old so I wasn't all that impressed to receive it in a Glossy Box. It's a fairly dated product in my opinion and as I use lip glosses it's not something I would really use. The smell of it is vile and it leaves a sticky feeling to my lips, very odd! I would not recommend this product at all and to be honest don't think it will stick around in my make up collection for very long!

I got a small (small being the operative word!) of a Velentino Assoluto Eau de Parfum, now I wasn't expecting a full sized bottle but the measly 0,05fl oz was a bit mean! I didn't really like the perfume, it had a very generic "perfumey" smell and I couldn't really smell the tones of peach, vanilla or patchouli! It's nice to try new things and that's what Glossy Box is all about but I won't be purchasing this perfume in the near future.

If this product fell into my hands a few months ago I would’ve been so happy as I desperately needed something to help my dull and stained nails. The sample of Alessandro Pro White is supposed to brighten nails with an anti yellowing formula, leaving nails white and gleaming. I’m quite naughty and sometimes don’t use a base coat before painting my nails so I’m sometimes left with manky looking nails - yuk! So this is quite a good little product and it did the job. Unfortunately I tend to do gel nails nowadays so don’t get the staining, so it’s not something I’m going to get much use out of but can definitely say it works!

Lastly was a lipstick by Glossy Box in “Glossy Pink”, it’s an fairly non descript colour, nothing amazing or shocking about it. Its kind of a dark dusky pink which isn’t a colour I’d usually choose but its nice for a change.

I was a bit sceptical about the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil that I received, purely for the fact that I would be putting oil on my face! Very bizarre concept to me but I gave it a go and found I really liked the feel of this product. It left my skin feeling really fresh and clean, I’ve only used it twice so can’t say how its effected my skin yet but it’s a lovely product so far. The packaging is very plain and simple making it look quite clinical and not very user friendly. But don’t be put off by that as it contains vitamin E and olive oil to soften the skin.

So there you have it! Second Glossy Box and a little let down, fingers crossed Septembers box is better!

What did you get in your GB this month?
Have you tried any of these products and what did you think of them??



  1. Oh I had such high hopes from the Lipcote. :/

    1. Maybe I don't like it because its a product I used during my teens! Sorry to put you off! xx

  2. Such a pity the eyeshadow broke! :( GlossyBox really need to up their game! xx

    1. They really do! I'm hoping the next one will be better or I might switch to another company who do a similar thing. Thanks for reading sweetie. x

  3. Congratulation!
    Your blog is so cool! the posts are so amazing!

    I'm from Brazil! Can we saty in touch?
    Acess my blog too! is for those who like interesting stories and great storyline!

    1. Hi Contos, of coures we can stay in touch, you can follow me on twitter too @MissJ2710.

      I checked out your blog - looks great but unfortunately I don't speak Portugese (or much Spanish - wasn't sure which language it was written in!) which is a shame as I can't read your posts :(

      Thanks for checking out my blog xx


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