Monday, 27 August 2012

Coloured Dry Shampoo's - Superdrug own Vs Batiste!

For me dry shampoo has been a life saver, particularly when I've overslept leaving me no time to wash my hair, only to look in the mirror to see oily roots! I've used Batiste for years, even before they introduced the coloured range. Back then I would have no greasy hair after using but my roots would look dusty and....*whispers* a bit grey. So the coloured range was a welcome new innovation for me, and cheaper than the super expensive brands sold in Space NK.
After running out of my usual Batiste dry shampoo I decided I would give the Superdrug Chocolate Brownie Dry Shampoo a try. This is 150ml can for £1.99 so its half the price of Batiste which is £3.99 for 200ml.
So initially the main difference is the price, cheaper but also a smaller amount of product. When I first used the Superdrug one I had washed my hair the previous day, so it wasn't exactly greasy but needed a lift volume wise. The Batiste one is great for adding a bit of volume and I use it even when my roots aren't greasy. I found with the Superdrug one it didn't give any lift or volume which I was surprised with but as it's not intended for volume I didn't think I should expect too much. A few days later I used it again to tackle my roots as they were teetering on the edge of needing a wash. There I was again with my Superdrug Chocolate Brownie and......nothing! It actually left my hair feeling a bit coated with something, but not in a good way :(
Very disappointing as I thought basically a dry shampoo would give results like any others?! Sadly not the case with this one. The only plus point was that it was true to its word and it does deliver a very dark colour to the roots and doesn't leave any dusty look to the hair. The smell is also very generic and isn't all that pleasant or refreshing to the hair.
I knew this was a bit of a test and it wouldn't necessarily work out that the cheaper one was better but it was surprising to see how differently they worked to one another. The Batiste one I use is for dark and deep browns, this doesn't deliver the same deep colour as the Superdrug one but it does give instant freshness and completely banishes oily roots as well as giving a bit of oomph to flat hair. It also smells quite nice which the Superdrugs own doesn't.
In future I'm going to stick with what I know works best - the Batiste range. Sorry Superdrug, this isn't a winner in my books!
What's your favourite dry shampoo?


  1. It's a shame it didn't work out as well as you hoped as dry shampoos are indeed a lifesaver but as someone with dark hair they do look odd on me too! Ah well, worth a try.


    1. Its worth a try,at least I know now and can pass on the wisdom!
      Thanks for checking out my blog :) x

  2. I love the Batiste one. My fave for adding volume agree 100%


    1. I really want to try the other scents they have in the range, especially the cherry one!
      Thanks for your comment Sam x


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