Sunday, 19 August 2012

Little Shopping Haul from Primark and Boots

Ok so its a week until pay day but I had the shopping bug this weekend and despite only planning to window shop I did come away with a couple of "essential" items! :)

I feel like I was pretty restrained and it could have been worse had it not been too hot to shop properly.

So my first stop was Primark - I love it in there (and not solely for the air con!) as you can get varied items for so much less than other shops. Last year I got a pair of the super skinny / super soft jeans - well they're a cross between jeans and jeggings. They do up with a button and zip, and have the jean style pockets but the material is really soft and comfortable. I love these because they maintain their shape and aren't as tight or uncomfortable as some jeans can be. Now I realise we're still in summer but usually towards the end of August I do start to think about Winter fashions - yes I know this might be a bit depressing but I love winter clothes!

As I have run out of my normal Batiste dry shampoo I thought I might try the Superdrug own brand dry shampoo for brunette hair. It was only £1.99 and if it's just as good as Batiste I'll happily stick with this. I will be doing a separate blog on this product to compare this with other more expensive competitors so watch this space....

I've heard a lot of good things about the argan oil that people are raving about and most recently the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. Its quite pricey at £9.99 but the bottle is fairly big and a little bit goes a long way. I'll do a proper blog on this in the next week but so far after two uses I can only see very slight benefits - we shall see though!

Whilst I was browsing the shelves in Sainsbury's looking for some blog inspiration I came across a new brand called "Dirty Works". It reminds me a bit of Soap and Glory with the bright and quirky packaging. The whole range is mainly focused on beauty accessories like brushes, eye lash curlers and nail files. They also do a range of bath products including a body scrub, shower gel and body creams. As I have quite sensitive skin I'm reluctant to try those but I snapped up this cute little double ended smokey eye brush for £3.99. I am a complete sucker for packaging but thankfully the brush is good.

My last little item was again from Primark and is something I've seen in loads of shops at the moment. The Peter pan collars are everywhere at the moment and really add something to an otherwise plain outfit. This peter pan style collar necklace was £4 and looks really stunning over a plain top or as we go into Autumn could be worn over a plain jumper.

So as you can see it was just the "bare essentials" and it gave me the chance to have a look round the shops at the upcoming trends for the A/W 2012/13. 

What are your recent fashion / beauty finds?

Which of the upcoming trends for this Autumn/Winter will you be following?



  1. That collar doesn't look like it was from Primark!:O It looks fab!:D xx

    1. I know I was pretty impressed! I saw a very similar one for double that in another shop.
      Thanks for reading sweetie x


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