Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dark Circle Solver ~ No7 Vitality Eye Roll-on

I've always suffered with under eye dark circles and remember years ago a woman on one of the cosmetic counters saying "it's hereditary dear". NOT what I wanted to hear! My lovely Mum has quite dark circles under her eyes and to be told it's hereditary and there's nothing that can be done is sort of gutting really!
I have tried a few products here and there for this, as well as trying to get my 8 hours sleep and drink a ton of water but nothing has really ever made much of a noticeable difference. I kind of gave up at one point but then I had one of those No7 vouchers from Boots a few months ago and decided to spend it on something to help with my black eyes!
The thing I like about it the most is the roll on effect as it feels as if your gliding the product across the skin and not pulling at it. The roll on also helps to stimulate circulation which is great for the under eye area. It's also a plus that it's hypo-allergenic as those of you who read my blog regularly will know my skin is very sensitive!
The formulation is quite fine and dries fairly quickly so you're not left with a ton of it swimming around your eyes. This little 15ml tube has lasted me for 2 months and I use it nearly every night so it's well worth the £12, especially when you use one of those vouchers.
I have definitely seen a difference in the darkness under my eyes, particularly in the socket area where I most needed it. I have also noticed that if I go a couple of nights without it, it does start to show. The whole area under my eye does look brightened and a less tired. Definite re-purchase in my opinion and would highly recommend it to anyone!
What eye cream do you use?
How do you deal with the dark under eye circles?


  1. I really want to get this now! Great review xx


    1. It really works, let me know if you get it! x

  2. great review thanks for introducing me to this! I need to get this now! I have awful dark circles too and concealor doesnt really do much for them!


    1. Thanks Emma. Boots are doing those vouchers at the moment so it's a good time to get it! Let me know what you think x

  3. Almond oil also works great as the best eye cream to get rid of these dark circles.


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