Friday, 5 October 2012

In Pursuit of Volume #2 Vo5 Plump It Up Backcomb Spray and Mousse

So if you've read my first post on my search for volume in my long locks then you'll know that so far I've not found the answer to my prayers. I try to read a reviews before I buy I product that is new to me so I had a good old google before I purchased these and found the reviews to be split between good and not so good. But I decided to give them a go anyway.

I got the V05 Plump it up Dry Backcomb Spray and Weightless Mousse on an offer for 2 Vo5 products for £5 in Superdrug. I do backcomb my hair for nights out but as it's quite fine I worry about the damage it's causing to my hair so if I can avoid backcombing I will! Day to day whilst I'm at work I'm not overly bothered about doing too much to my hair but I would love to give my hair a bit of a lift and some shape and not have it stuck to my head!

The backcomb spray is kind of like a dry shampoo in formulation but colourless. It contains Collagen to add fullness and volume and you spray this directly into your roots and kind of work it through with your fingers a bit. This is supposed to give a backcomb effect but without the risk of damage to the hair. I tried this on day old washed hair and followed the directions exactly. What I found was that it did give a bit of volume (not much!) but you have to push the hair up with your fingers to get the product to work and by doing that my hair just looked messy and un-brushed! It's an OK product if you like the messy look but it's really not me. What I probably will use this for is for backcombing - I realise this defeats the object of trying to find a product instead of backcombing but this product sort of creates a bit of a "grip" so it will probably help to keep any backcombing in for longer and not drop so quick! The scent is also really nice so that's a definite plus.

The Mousse looked good enough to eat when I sprayed it out of the can - don't worry I resisted! :)
But it did look really light and fluffy so it lives up to it's name of being weightless. There's no real directions on the can as to whether you apply this in dry or wet hair, so naturally I tried both! Neither worked or showed once inch of volume! Literally nothing! I was expecting to see some change, a little lift, oomph, height...but nothing. I can't say I've used much mousse on my hair in the past so I'm not sure how this even compares to a regular mousse. I do try to find a positive in any product I try or review but I've really struggled to find any with this one! It doesn't really do what it's intended to and I feel pretty let down with what I thought would at least do something.

So, sorry ladies (& gents) I can't share with you a miraculous discovery or an answer to lifting our limp locks! But I'm hot on the case and already have some more volumising products lined up to try, watch this space!

Can you recommend any volumising products?
Any tips to get our hair any higher?


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