Friday, 12 October 2012

Gorgeous Claireabella Canvas Bag Review!

For a while now I've been seeing a few people either on Facebook or Blogger with these beautifully designed bags from Claireabella! The brand has increased hugely in the last 12 months and it seems like the new "it" item to have. I fell in love with these girlie bags instantly and knew I had to have one - despite my bag collection overflowing already! But these aren't your average bag, you get to design the little character on the front, making them perfect for a gift or a little treat for yourself! When you design you "mini me" on the bag you can choose from different hair colours and styles as well as eye colour and the outfit they are wearing. The website itself which you can view here is so easy to navigate round and the whole process of designing the bag is really fun as you can add or change lots of elements.

Not only can you design your own bag but you can also put the cute little character on phone cases, hoodies, mugs, lunch boxes, note books, and diaries amongst other things! Definitely a great idea for Christmas presents this year. I decided to go for the canvas bag as I prefer this style bag and it was quite a bit cheaper than the Jute bags. The canvas style bags are £14.99 plus p&p and the Jute bags vary from £24.99 - £39.99 depending on what size you order.
The fun part of this is choosing your characters hair style, colour, outfit and eye colour. There are 12 different outfits to choose from and they range from really simple casual jeans to a smart little cocktail dress! Another great thing is that there's an option to for "bridal" and "pregnancy" themed clothes which is a great idea for one of my friends who is newly pregnant.

I had to wait 3 weeks before the cute litte pink parcel arrived (the waiting nearly killed me I was so excited!) but it was worth the wait. The bag itself is a very standard canvas shopping bag but the character printed on the front was just perfect! I chose a character with a bright purple dress with matching bag and glass (I like to think of it as Champagne! ha ha), big blue eyes and long brown hair. As you'll probably realise all of the Claireabella characters are based around their huge eyes with long lashes which makes them look so stunning!
I was really impressed with the detail and care that has gone into the design, I didn't expect it but they have also added little diamantes either side of where my name is and dotted around the character! I love a little bit of sparkle so this is perfect for me! I can't wait to start using this and initially got it for when I'm shopping but I think I'll end up using it more often - just to show it off if nothing else!
My favourite bit about this bag is that it's so personalised (not exactly what I look like but I can work towards that!) and unique to me. The writing and print of my name is funky - you don't have to have your name on the bag, you can pretty much have anything. You order through a website called Toxic Fox which you get re-directed to through the Claireabella website. I'm 100% going to get a Jute bag at some stage once I've got a bit more money as I'd probably use a larger one to carry around my UV nail lamp and polishes when I'm going to different peoples homes to do nails.
What do you think of the Claireabella bags?
Which design would you get?

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