Monday, 1 October 2012

Pretty With A Punch Got A Facelift!

So you may (or may not!) have noticed that my blog has had a complete make over recently! Gone is the standard blogger template and in its place it a beautifully designed new template along with new font and colour scheme!
The lovely new look of Pretty with a Punch is courtesy of the lovely Felicity from Pursuit of Felicity.  I had seen she'd done a make over on another blog I read and back in August I contacted her to see if she could do anything with mine. When I first set up my blog I had to learn a lot about Blogger by reading forums online and I also had some help from some fantastic bloggers. But I felt I had done all that I could without some help with the technical side of things, like changing the template, fonts and adding bits and pieces here and there.

When I contacted Felicity she was brilliant and gave me all the costs upfront with what she could do for my blog. She set a date to start work on my design and also how long it would take her - she kept to this schedule exactly! She was wonderfully professional and set me some initial homework to provide her examples of what colours, fonts, design and layout I'd like. Then she pretty much did the rest! I then received a mock up of her design and was able to give feedback about things I wanted to change and what I was happy with.

We emailed back and forth about the finer details (plus a picture for my welcome portrait) and finally I emailed her my log in details and she installed the new face of Pretty with a Punch all the way from the other side of the world in Australia!

I'm so happy with the result and feel my blog is now a lot more user friendly as well as being more personal and individual to me.

I would highly recommend Felicity if you're thinking of having any work done to your blog, whether it just be a few changes or a complete overhaul. She's super friendly and creative, not to mention an absolute gem!

Thank you Felicity!! xxx

- Pursuit of Felicity -



  1. It looks great! I especially like the flowery template! I will be nabbing your blog button for my blog if that's OK? xxx

    1. Thanks Helen! I'm so pleased with it, she's done a fab job. And yes, nab away! Would love you to have my blog button on your blog :) xx

  2. Naww, thanks so much for this lovely shout out! You totally just turned my bad day around. :D Glad you love the new look hun!


    1. You're more than welcome honey, you deserve it!
      Thanks again xxx


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