Sunday, 24 June 2012

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Hey Bloggeroonies

Just wanted to do a quick review of my favourite beauty product, the one I could not live without!

I started using Liz Earle products about two years ago after I started suffering with acne at the age of 26! I had always had the odd spot here and there but had never had acne, so it was quite a shock to suddenly have to deal with it in my late twenties. All Liz Earle products contain naturally active ingredients and Liz herself has suffered with eczema so has made a really great range for those for sensitive skin but is also suitable for all skin types.

Its a super rich cleanser that I use morning and night on dry skin to remove make up, general grime (not that my skin is grimey first thing in the morning!) but can also be used on mascara. I don't tend to use it to take off my eye make up as I find I have to scrub at my eyes if I do and prefer to use cotton pads with specific eye make up remover.

200ml Bottle

The main ingredients are Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. You only need a small amount of this cleanser as it goes a long way. Once you've spread it over your face and down your neck you remove it with one of the muslin cloths that come with the product. The cloth has a very slight rough texture to it but doesn't harm the skin in any way. You're supposed to rinse the cloth in hand hot water and polish the cleanser off with it. The cloth being slightly rough give the skin a real "polish" on every cleanse and lifts away dead skin cells.

Gorgeous creamy cleanser! :)

This product leaves my skin so clean and smooth and within weeks of initial use my skin cleared up by at least 80%. I know lots of other companies are now latching on to this "cleanse and polish" idea but I truly believe this has got to be one of the best due to its natural ingridients. I have now changed my whole skin regime to Liz Earle and love how they leave my skin feeling.

Liz Earle is available online and they have great offers, she also has stores in London, Guildford and the Isle of Wight.

Hope you enjoyed this post...what's your number one beauty product?? xxx


  1. Check out my blog if you love liz earle :)

    i love cleanse and polish too... have you tried their other products?

    1. Hey luke I just checked out your blog - I love all of Liz Earles products and have nearly all of them. Its nice to see a blog devoted purely to LE products.
      Tried to follow you but couldn't find the "follow button" ?? xx

    2. Im very new to the blogging world? I don't even know how add follow buttons? it is abit despressing having no followers :P thank you for your kind words :) x


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