Saturday, 23 June 2012

Umberto Giannini Big Hair Review

Hi Bloggeroonies!

I've recently tried some Umberto Giannini Big Hair Products and decided I'd do a review of them. I have long fine hair and have recently had my bonded extensions taken out after 6 years of having them! I had them more for thickness than length so was quite self conscious about my hair looking limp without them. Due to the extensions I've had to use specific shampoo and not too many products that would effect the glued bonds so it was quite a change for me to be able to choose any products I wanted!

I'd read a couple of things about the Umberto Giannini range so chose:

  • Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Ditch the Dirt Volume Shampoo - £5.60
  • Umberto Giannini Root Boost Volume Spray for big hair - £5.49
  • And a mini trial size of Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle - £1.99

The first thing I noticed about the shampoo was that it had small particles of glitter in it which made it quite funky looking. It didn't smell bad but equally it wasn't a pleasant smell that you get with some shampoo's. It left my hair feeling very clean and did have a slight bounce to it but I wouldn't say I noticed a huge difference apart from that really.

The Root Boost spray says to spray this into the roots of your hair where you want volume once your hair is styled. So after straightening my hair I applied this to areas around the crown of my head. Again it didn't have a particularly nice smell but not bad either if that makes sense?? I then sort of worked it through with my fingers and kind of plumped up my hair a bit. It seemed to work and my hair had a nice "bounciness", as my partner put it! I think I'm definitely going to keep using this and found it didn't leave my hair greasy or sticky like some products do. The packaging is also really sleek and eye catching with the purple bottle.

I've read some really mixed reviews about the Backcomb in a Bottle spray so I was reluctant to spend money on another product that didn't work and would be left unused in my bathroom. So when I went into Boots I found they do a couple of the Umberto Giannini products in 30ml trial sizes for £1.99 which is appealing to me as then if I don't like the product I don't feel bad about it going to waste if I don't want to continue to use it. I used this after washing my hair with the volume shampoo I've mentioned in this post.

Well, I'm really glad I got the trial size as this was not the product for me! The directions on the bottle are "Spray from approx 6 inches to where you want backcomb effect and jujj hair into shape as you go". I did exactly this and ended up with no "backcomb effect" and instead I got a sticky/tacky feeling wherever I had sprayed it! I actually think the stickiness weighed down my roots and made it look more flat and lifeless. Not a happy bunny but then I'm yet to find a product that offers BIG hair without actually backcombing - if you know of one let me know...

Overall I think I'd re-purchase the root spray and possibly the shampoo but then again now I'm without extensions the shampoo world is my oyster so I may be sampling a few more before I settle down with a regular one! :)

Hope you liked this post - which is the best volumising shampoo you've tried?? xxx


  1. This is a great review - thanks a lot. I will look at the Root Boost more closely next time I go to Boots!

    Helen xxx

  2. Thanks hun! Tried to check your blog out by the link didn't work?? xx

  3. Big sexy hair products are really great their root pump is amazing


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