Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Review

Hello Bloggeroonies!

A few months ago while I was walking aimlessly around the shops and was pulled into the Max Factor make up stand by all the bright colours and glossy products! I had read a few things about the False Lash Effect Mascara's but I was a bit sceptical as the TV adverts always have a small disclaimer at the bottom saying "filmed with lash inserts". Never noticed these little disclaimers on the bottom of the screen?? You will now! I did think to myself - If a product is that good then why do they need to film with lash inserts? But thought I'd give it a go...

False Lash Effect Fusion in Black
(please excuse my nails - I know they need doing!)  :)

Well I was about to find out! I paid £10.99 for a mascara that promised Volume, Length and an "extreme look"! It has a large brush and the wand is quite short which is good for control over where you're applying it. The colour of the bottle is funky and bright making it easy to find in my huge box of make up.

I curled my eyelashes before applying the mascara and started working the product through them. It was initially quite clumpy and the formula seemed quite runny. The more I tried to work this through my lashes the more it came off! I waited a minute or so and tried another coat but it made no difference. My lashes were visibly coated and I could see there was a slight difference in the length but nothing dramatic or extreme at all.  It also had a very strong chemical smell to it which I've not had with any other mascara in the past

I was so disappointed with the result this gave me and I definitely wouldn't recommend it based on my experience.

Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading it. xxx

What's your experience with Max Factor Mascara's? Do you stick to one particular mascara or do you change every time your current one runs out?


  1. I like to stick to one because I usually throw out my mascara every few months lest I risk a bacteria infection!

    By the way, I'm from www.thbellepoque.blogspot.com , I've settled the technical glitches on my blog and my "followers' widget is up already!:) Its weird but your "followers" widget (I assume that is what it is) doesn't load on my screen; its just an empty space on the sidebar D:

  2. I should throw mine out more regularly really!

    That's strange, I will have a look at that and see what's wrong with the "followers" gadget, thanks for letting me know xx


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