Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Body Shop Favourites ~ Body and Beauty

Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favourite products from The Body Shop!
I've been using Body Shop products for years now and although sometimes I stray away and try other things I always seem to come back to them.
Green Apple Bath and Shower Gel
Blueberry Body Butter
Brow & Liner Kit
Slanted Brush

I've featured the Brow and Liner Kit in one of my other posts but only very briefly. I previously used a pencil to shade in my eyebrows but I bought this after the shop assistant in my local branch introduced to me to it. After trying this out I'll never go back to pencils! This gives an amazing defined look without making them look false or giving the dreaded "scouse brow" look - not good! Unless you like that sort of thing which I really don't! It comes with a little brush to apply but I also got the slanted brush which is much better and easier to apply the product with. Because it's slanted it makes it super easy to get the right shape and the bristles are quite firm so you don't end up with the half the powder all over your face.
I love really fresh smelling shower gels to wake me up in the mornings - a hard task but this seems to do the job! The Green Apple Shower Gel is absolutely beautiful and the fragrance is just like fresh apples. Now I know this isn't going to be everyones cup of tea but I adore the smell and the freshness of it. Plus it was in the sale so I couldn't turn this baby down!
I've been using the Body Shop body butters for years but do resent paying £12.50 for them as I think they're over priced despite loving them! So when I saw that they were 50% off I grabbed a couple. As I have pretty sensitive skin at the best of times I always need to be careful with what I'm putting on, but these have never irritated my skin and leave me with smooth and soothed skin! Try saying that when you're drunk :)
I prefer the Blueberry and Mango butters as they smell amazing and the fragrance lasts for hours. I tend to stock up on these when they're in the sale so I've got a few to last me through till next year now!
Despite not loving the Body Shop prices on certain things I am definitely a loyal customer when it comes to these products. I also like that the ingredients in their range are ethically sourced and not tested on animals. You can check out their website here.
Which are your favourite Body Shop products?

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