Sunday, 2 September 2012

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint ~ as good as they say??

Today's post is about Liz Earle's Sheer Skin Tint - something I've been wanting to try for a while now. Having two older sisters definitely has it's benefits, one being that we can swap (steal) each others make up and beauty products! As we're a family of Liz Earle lovers I knew one of my sisters would have this little gem in their make up bags so I "borrowed" this to try before I bought it myself.
This was one of the first Colour products from Liz Earle and true to her products it contains natural ingredients including Vitamin E, Borage and Avocado. It's supposed to be very similar to a tinted moisturiser, not too heavy and leaving a lovely dewy and radiant look to the skin. 
The shades in this range are:
Bare ~ 01
Beige ~ 02
Beach ~ 03
Deep Bisque ~04
I am surprised there isn't more colours in the range, but perhaps they'll develop more if there's a demand for them. I used Beige 02 which is the next one up from the palest in the range. The formula is creamy and using fingertips to apply it went on to my skin easily. I liked the texture of this product and it did give my skin a lovely radiant glow.
However I didn't actually find this did much for my skin that a normal BB Cream wouldn't do. I really wanted to like this product, and it's ok, but that's about it. I know it's supposed to be sheer but this was far to lightweight for me as I normally like quite a good coverage. I'd like to see Liz Earle do a foundation range as this is far too sheer and light for me. I'd probably wear this in the day for a natural look but  for £21 for 40ml I'd want to use it a lot more than that!
Have you tried any of Liz Earle's colour range?
Which of Liz Earle's products would you like a review on?


  1. I've not tried any of their make up as yet, as i love my Max Factor products (plus a few others) but i love LE skincare range!

    Very nice blog!

    I'm new here, i've just started following you, would you mind following me too? Thanks, Claire x

  2. I'd like to try more of the LE cosmetics as i'm such a huge fan of her skincare range.
    I'll check your blog out :) xx


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