Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dior Capture Totale Foundation - Beauty Must Have!

I have been a fan of Dior foundations for quite a few years now, my favourite being the Forever range. I had so many comments about how radiant my skin looked and it always covered every blemish I had. So last year I noticed it wasn't having the same effect any more and it was becoming "average" looking. When I spoke to the assistant on the Dior counter she said it was likely that my skin had changed and no longer suited that particular foundation. I was pretty crushed and disappointed as I had relied on it for so long. However the clever Dior girl suggested the Capture Totale range....and I was smitten again!
The reason I say she was clever is that the foundation is a whopping £62!!!! I'm not exactly rolling in money so spending this much money on a foundation is not going to happen. Enter Mum & Dad combined with Christmas = the only way I could ever justify having a foundation this expensive. I know this would put tons of people off and I agree it's ridiculously expensive but it is such an amazing product! I literally only use it for nights out or special occasions - I have a cheaper one from Rimmel for all other times.
The Capture Totale range is a high definition serum foundation which is suitable for all skin types. I like a good coverage with my foundations and this one provides a medium coverage and glides on so well it's like applying silk! It also has anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle qualities which makes it an all round fantastic foundation, big smiles :)
The pump applicator makes it mess free and prevents you from overusing by allowing you to pump out the exact amount you need.Containing a SPF 15 is also another plus. It's called a radiance restoring  foundation and it really does give my skin a gorgeous radiance without looking too dewy or shiny. I am in love with this foundation and dread it running out.
As you can see in the picture, the texture is lovely and smooth, thick without being too heavy.
It smooths over the skin well and looks even better when it's blended with a brush. I find it does last longer than a normal foundation and my skin looks fresher with it. The colour of my foundation is 020 but I think there are up to 9 shades in this range.
Blends in beautifully!
I have had this since Christmas 2011 and still have quite a bit left as you don't need very much of this at all. I would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting a luxury foundation.
What foundation would you recommend for every day wear?
Which is your luxury buy foundation?


  1. Hey :)
    Thanks for all your lovely comments! - I replied to the comment on my foundation routine with a link for you to check out


  2. Thank you! I will definitely check that out. I'm looking for a new every day foundation and the YSL one might be it :) xx

  3. Oh wow, I thought my Smashbox one was expensive but £62? It does look lovely though!
    I personally dont mind spending alot on a good foundation (the same with skincare), i think of it more as an investment in my skin but I know like you, Id definitely be keeping it for special occasions/nights out.
    Im on the lookout for a new foundation so I might have to see if I can get a tester of this to try out!


    1. I know, it's really pricey! I'm hoping to try smashbox soon.
      I totally agree with you Emma, a good foundation is an investment. The best thing about Dior is that they give you a decent sized sample that lasts about a week so you can get the full effect of how it works with your skin. I'm going to get a sample of their sculpt foundation as i've heard good things about it. xx

  4. What a gorgeous luxury foundation!xxx

  5. Thanks for reading Daisy! It's a stunning foundation - try to get a sample as Dior give really generous samples that can last 7 days! x


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