Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sisters Night Out (with Mum) to see Sister Act!

My sister Kate managed to get 4 complimentary tickets through for Sister Act The Musical at our local theatre. Naturally she chose her lovely sisters and Mum to take along with her...thankfully!
The show is based on the movie featuring Whoopi Goldberg, and it certainly lived up to the film! It's a fabulous feel good show, suitable for all the family with amazing soul, funk and disco music. Absolutely hilarious, stunning costumes and incredible singers! I can't rave about this enough!
I was initially a bit put out when I heard the songs in the show weren't the same as the ones from the original film, however I was completely blown away with the fantastic catchy songs and hysterical lyrics. I know the show is moving up to Glasgow next week, then onto Manchester and then Birmingham.
Unfortunately we couldn't take pictures of the show and performers and I wish I could have as the glitzy, sequined, sparkly costumes were so gorgeous! By the end of the night nearly the whole audience (us included) were up on our feet giving a standing ovation and dancing along with the cast - I think they were shocked at the response from the audience as everyone was going wild!
Photographic evidence of our saintliness!! Me in the middle and my lovely sisters either side :)
Have you seen Sister Act and what did you think??

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