Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Look Spike Tribal Necklace

I recently purchased this gorgeous necklace from New Look after seeing one of the girls who works in there wearing it. The one she was wearing had white spikes on it and not the bronze ones as this one does. I searched high and low for the one she had on but couldn't find it anywhere so I went for this one which is very similar.

I love how elaborate this necklace is and it looks amazing over a round neck top - probably for a night out with a blazer over the top. Its not my usual style but I liked how eye catching it was and how it can dress up a really plain outfit.

At £12.99 I thought this was a bit expensive but I'm happy with it and hoping to get a lot of wear out of it this Autumn/Winter.

What are you thoughts on the new "Spike" look??



  1. I love these kind of necklaces.. I just bought a similar one from H&M in silver and agree they look good with a round neck top. This one would look great with a plain dress to make a statement!

  2. Oh wow that is amazing. will really dress up an outfit!

  3. I think I've seen the one from h&m that you have Kerry! I'm living this look and it's not something I'd usually wear- might post some pics when I've got it on with the outfit :) xx

  4. I have this but in the white version! It is amazing!! i went on a search for mine but couldnt find it i was gutted but then i found it when it went for sale. I wear mine with a plain top it looks so pretty on and your right its great for dressing up any outfit! x

  5. @ninadollmakeup that's the one I wanted! I searched everywhere for it, even online and couldn't find it. Still this one is gorgeous too, just need to find the right outfit to wear with it. x


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