Sunday, 29 July 2012

Liebster Blog Tag Award

I was very flattered to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Helen from beautifully superfluous! She's always so supportive and makes really helpful comments on my posts.

The Liebster Blog Tag is an award given by a blogger to other bloggers who are up-and-coming with less than 200 followers, which is a great way of saying that you think someone has a great blog and that you enjoy reading it. Apparently Liebster is German for sweet, kind, nice, beloved, dear, valued and endearing. Its a great way of new bloggers getting themselves known and noticed.

1. Each person tagged must write 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer all 11 questions that the blogger that has nominated you has set before creating 11 more questions for the people that you intend to tag for this award.

3. Choose 11 people to tag and name them on a post about the Leibster award.

4. Go to their pages and tell the bloggers you have tagged that you have tagged them.

5. No tags back allowed.


1. Who is your beauty inspiration?

My beauty inspiration is Katy Perry - she's got beautiful big eyes and flawless skin. Her new range of lashes are gorgeous and girly.

2. Who is your fashion inspiration?

Audrina Partridge is probably the person I feel most inspired by fashion wise so I take some of her style and mix it with other styles that Lauren Conrad and Fern Cotton wear.


3. What are your first beauty/fashion memories?

I always remember the first time I started wearing make up, it was my sisters Body Shop pressed powder and a Fudge Brownie lipstick from Rimmel. Fashion memories, I remember buying a long sleeved top from Miss Selfridge with money I'd earned from my first Saturday job - very proud moment!

4. Which subjects did you love/hate studying at school?

I used to love English, I'm still a huge bookworm and would love reading anything from Shakespeare to Poetry, although nowadays I'm more of a 50 Shades of Grey sort of girl! :)
I hated Maths, I couldn't get the hang of long division and fractions and I still struggle with that sort of thing now.

5. Which celebrity do you really want to slap and why?

Hmmmm, there are so many to choose from! I think Imogen Thomas is definitely high up on the list. I liked her when she was in Big Brother but having an affair with a married man really lowered my opinion of her (yes, him too of course!) and she's famous for doing basically nothing - bad role models for young girls generally!

6. Have you got any tattoos/piercings and if you have where and what are they?
I don't have any tattoos at all, although every now and then I wish I was brave enough but I'm scared I'll hate it and regret having it done. I have my tragus pierced on my right ear, its a small diamante stud. Years ago I had my belly button pierced but took it out a few years ago.

7. Which magazines do you religiously buy every month without fail?

I buy Heat nearly every month, I stopped buying magazines regularly as they were costing me a fortune but since I've been blogging I tend to use them for inspiration and keeping up to date with new products and trends. Look Magazine is probably my favourite at the moment.

8. What would you do if you were a boy for 24 hours?

If I were a boy for 24 hours - what wouldn't I do?? I'd definitely go into the boys changing rooms and have a perv at all the men! Next I'd listen in to lads conversations to see what they really talk about ;)

9. Can you describe your personality in five words?

Silly, fun, caring, loving and hyper.

10. Do you prefer silver or gold?

Definitely silver! I associate gold with my Mum and I think silver is a lot more modern!

11. What is your favourite time of year and why?

I love December, not because of all the presents I might get but because of all the twinkly lights, decorations and time with my family and friends. I've always love Christmas, it feels magical and exciting even though I'm in my twenties!


Joanna from Harleanrose for her vintage looking blog and for her fantastic to the point blogs.

Shenley from Shenmoo because of her down to earth approach to blogging and her beautiful fashion sense.

Melissa from Pretty Little Obsessions for her gorgeous photo's on her blogs and the fact I'm a teeny bit jealous of how pretty she always looks in her pictures.

Neha from the The Beautilicious Blogger because of all her amazing nail art and her recent post she did after a request from a reader - thought that was absolutely brilliant!

Brittany from Confessions of a Beauty Addict for introducing me to products I've never heard of but now can't wait to try!

Crystyle from Ms Crystyle Couture for her inspiring blog on all things beauty related that makes me want to buy everything she posts about.

Nisha from Nina Doll Makeup because of her fashion sense and varied photo's of her clothes, life and beauty products.

Shana and Naz from Beauty Beats because of their detailed blogs on products which leave you with no questions on how good or bad a product is.

Sarah from What the Buzz?! for her quirky posts on random unheard of products which has encouraged me to branch out and try new brands.

Stephanie of Stephoosh because of her thorough blogs and introductions to great new products.

Sanne from Confessions of a Blonde for her love of everything stylish, classy and expensive!


1.  Which is your number one beauty product you couldn't live without?

2.  Which is your favourite clothes shop / store to shop in?

3.  If you could, which part of your body would you change and why?

4.  If you had to stick to one brand of beauty products for the rest of your life which would it be?

5.  Do you follow fashion trends or go with your own style?

6.  What's your favourite hair product and why?

7.  What would be your ideal job?

8.  Which do you use more - high street cheaper brands or luxury brands?

9.  What's going on your list for a "must have" for this Autumn / Winter?

10.  What's the best and worst thing about blogging?

11.  Which of your posts/blogs was the most fun/enjoyable to write?

I hope you had fun reading this blog - it took ages but it was worth it to showcase other peoples amazing blogs! 

Thank you to all the other bloggers that I follow for inspiring me and for your help and support. xxx


  1. All the lovely ladies I tagged have said Katy Perry - I feel I missed a trick here lol! Great answers sweetie! Lots of love xxx

  2. I think I've missed a trick with Katy Perry! Thank you for the lovely mention! Glad you got your links sorted out!

    Helen xxx


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