Thursday, 19 July 2012

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review

Hello bloggeroonies!
I recently heard about a 'Stippling Brush' that people were raving about and were advising everyone to get. So once I'd learnt there was a brush out there that I didn't have, I rushed straight out to buy it. Took me a while, as apparently other people in Surrey had also heard about it too as they were out of stock for a good few weeks!

I chose the Real Techniques Stippling Brush as it was reasonably priced at £11.99 and it was suggested on one of the websites I went on. However once I got the brush home I realised I didn't actually know what product it was meant for or how I used it! Ooops. I'm quite an impulse buyer and don't always think about things before I buy - hence why I can write a beauty blog as I've tried most products out there!

After a few searches on Youtube I found a fantastic tutorial by goss makeup artist which shows how to apply liquid foundation with the stippling brush. The fantastic thing about this brush is that there's no shedding of the bristles, its soft and using the technique from the video it leaves my foundation looking amazing! After using this brush I literally get a HD effect with my makeup. You can use this to apply powder or blusher but so far I've only really used it with foundation. Although I'd be interested to see how cream blush looks when applied with this brush!

From the video you can see you don't use the brush as you would with a normal foundation brush and instead you sort of make small circular movements all over the skin until its all blended in. I think that's why this brush gives such a great finish and HD effect.

Now I know what this fantastic brush is used for I'll definitely keep using it and might even invest in another so I've got one for liquid foundation and one for powders.

What are your new make up discoveries?
And what brushes do you use? xxx


  1. I've tagged you for a Liebster award hun - take a look at my blog post for more details

    Helen xxx

  2. Wow!! thank you honey! will take a look xx

  3. I have to say that I moved onto mineral foundation because I much preferred using a kabuki brush and buffing it into my skin than using my fingers or brushes for liquid foundation- the effect is just so flawless.

    But with the new Touche Eclat foundation out and now this brush... I think I'm going to have to splash out and give liquid foundation another go! Thanks for the great post.

    -Olivia xxx

  4. I've never tried any mineral make up before, but have been meaning to try some.
    I've never tried anything other than liquid and love the results with this brush. Let me know how you get on with it. xx


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