Saturday, 7 July 2012

Goodies from Lush!

I've never used any Lush products in the past as I've been put off by the over powering smell of their shops in the high street - you can usually smell a Lush shop before you see it! I also suffered with eczema as a child so am quite wary about what I put on my skin as it's still sensitive despite not having it for years.

I came across a youtube review of Lush products by a girl called Toni who recommended the massage bars from Lush which basically look like a bar of soap but they're full of lots of yummy ingredients that moisturise the skin. They're supposed to be rubbed across the skin and as the heat from your body melts the bar it turns slightly oily, allowing it to be used for a massage. On the Lush website they do 12 different massage bars which are different fragrances and textures and ranged between £4 - 8.

I also decided to get the Volcano Foot Mask which is a thick clay like mask in a little tub. It contains Pumice and Kaolin which help to refresh and exfoliate the feet. I put my feet through a lot with the heels I wear so I thought I'd give them a little treat with this!

I got 48 hour delivery and it was there in under that time which I was impressed with. I was so excited to see that little box waiting for me!

Volcano Foot Mask, Therapy Massage Bar (back) and Each Peach
Massage bar (front)

The Volcano Foot Mask was £5.50 for 125g which is a lot for how much you get as it tells you to apply liberally to both feet. It's a thick grey mixture with small gritty bits in to exfoliate the feet. I applied it mainly to the soles of my feet and then put plastic bags over them - it tells you to do this to prevent the mask going dry quickly. Its quite a messy process so I laid out a towel and put my feet on that while I left in on for the 10 minutes as instructed. It  gave a nice cooling sensation so would be perfect for sore feet to refresh. Then you wash it off in the shower and rub the product off with your fingers which again helps to exfoliate the skin. My feet were very cool and soft after I used this and I put some foot cream on straight after to soothe and soften them.

I'm not sure if I'd buy this again, just because of the price and how little you get for your money. But I do think its a good product and will definitely keep using it whilst I've got it.


The massage bars I bought were Each Peach which was £5.25 and Therapy for £6.25, both contain Shea Butter which really helps to soften skin. I thought that Each Peach would smell of Peaches, but its more of a lemon smell but it's still nice. The blurb on the website says it smells of grapefruit, summer sun, sweet orange and lime, so its a very summery, light smell. I use this as a moisturiser as well as a massage bar because of all the essential oils and gorgeous smell.

The Therapy bar has a little raised bump on one side which feels quite strange but nice when its run along your skin. I had been for a run in the week and my leg muscles were sore so I used this bar to massage my calf and thigh muscles. I think it definitely helped and I felt a relaxed after using it. This bar is 100% organic and preservative free so is perfect for sensitive skin. It smells of Lavender and Orange, but it does also smell strongly of herbs which put my partner off completely. It contains Neroli which is a mood lifting oil which apparently increases the Serotonin levels in the brain - hence the name Therapy!

Therapy Massage Bar

I'm really impressed with these massage bars and so glad I've found them! I'll continue to use these and will also try the other types they do including the Hottie and Soft Coeur. As they melt under heat I've been keeping them in lock tight bags but will be investing in the Lush Massage Bar tins in store so I can keep them from drying out or melting away. I think the tins are £2.95 and they're reusable so its not a bad price, although last year they were doing an offer of a free tin when you buy two massage bars so look out for that if it comes back on!
To see what other massage bars are available go to:

What are your favourite Lush products? xxx

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