Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Sweet Smell Of Perfume!

I am very fussy when it comes to perfume and generally stick to just a few that I rotate. I would love to have a bigger perfume collection but a lot of them either smell really alike or are too strong for my delicate nose! :)

My absolute favourite perfume is DKNY Be Delicious Summer Blossom.
Its a really light, summery fragrance without being overly sweet and sickly. My sister wore it on the day of her wedding a few years ago so it reminds me of summer holidays and a gorgeous day with family and friends.
The bottle is cute and the perfume itself is a lovely girly pink colour.

I have been using Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for years and its absolutely gorgeous! To me it smells of oranges, citrus fruits and summer. Three of my favourite smells!
I wear this in the day and evening but it's not a heavy perfume at all.
A bottle lasts me a long time and its not all that expensive to replace.

When it comes to celebrity perfumes I'm not all that fussed and only ever buy perfume if I like the smell rather that who's name is on the bottle.
However I have been a fan of the Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume for last year. A friend of mine was wearing it and I fell in love with it, although when I realised it was a Britney Perfume I was a bit put off. I shouldn't have been as it's fairly inexpensive and smells divinely sweet and fruity.

It might be a little too sweet for some peoples tastes but I like a little bit of sweetness to my perfumes and this does the job just perfectly!
The bottle is also very pretty and looks stunning on my dresser.

What are your favourite perfumes and which are the ones you'd avoid?? xxx


  1. These are great choices! I love the DNKY one! My favourite has to be Viktor and Rolf Flowebomb but its really sweet! I hate anything realllllly floral so things like Flower by Kenzo are a no go for me!

    Helen xxx

  2. I've never tried the Viktor and Rolf perfumes - may have to get a tester of that! I had Kenzo Flowers and it gave me such a bad headache I had to give it away :(

    Thanks for your support and comments as always honey xx


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