Monday, 16 July 2012

Orly Gel FX Nail Lacquers

I had to do a blog on these amazing Gel Nail Lacquers by Orly as I've been using them for a while now and absolutely love them!

I completed a Gel Nail course last year and although I have no other experience with other brands of Gel Lacquers such as Shellac or Gelac I really like these and think they're good quality and make your nails look amazing! Plus they're nutrient infused so they're not actually quite good for your nails, I always notice my nail tips looking whiter and healthier after i've been wearing these.

So far I have only 8 colour from the Orly range as they're quite pricey at £15.99 a bottle but they last for ages so i've not needed to replace any so far.

The Dark Colours -
Plum Noir, Prince Charming, Ruby

The Pinks!
Pixy Stix, Oh Cabana Boy, Lift The Veil

I use Pixy Stix all the time on both my fingers and toes, the photo doesn't do it justice as its a beautiful coral colour. Oh Cabana Boy is so bright I only ever use it on my toes and Lift the Veil is a very subtle pink which is great to wear for work or for a base of a french polish.

The sparklers!
Rage and Prisma Gloss Silver
Rage is a gorgeous gold sparkly colour that I wear by itself where as the Prisma Gloss Silver is a clear gloss with sparkly bits in it that I wear over the top of any of the other colours to give it a little boost!

These are the full range of colours Orly do in the Gel FX range

I did a pedicure and painted my toes with the Plum Noir. Obviously with all of the gel lacquers they need to be cured under a LED light but all of the colours in the Gel FX range are taken from their original nail polish colour range.

As you can see the shine with these polishes after finishing
with the Gel FX Top Coat is stunning!

I love my toes to be blingy so I added a few rhinestones by dipping them in the wet polish with an orange stick before I put them under the lamp. I then put a top coat over the top to seal. I never buy the rhinestones from Boots or Superdrug as they're so expensive for the few measly ones they put in the packet. Instead I buy them off ebay as you get 100's for only a few pounds.

I then did my finger nails in Pixy Stix (my personal favourite!) and added the the Prisma Gloss Silver over the top. I've been asked so many times by random people what brand this is as it's a really stunning and eye catching colour.

Pixy Stix and Prisma Gloss Silver

The gels on my toes usually last about 2 - 3 weeks and the gels on my fingers usually last 10 - 14 days depending on how careful I am with them! But the great thing about this range is you can buy the same colour in normal polish and touch up any chips or infills to make them last just that little bit longer.

My only criticism is the colour range could be bigger, I'd like to see more purples and some pastel colours for summer but other than that I'm really happy I discovered this and completed the course using this brand.

Has anyone used any of the other Gel brands and what are they like?? xxx


  1. wow these look great! have always wanted to try gel nails!

    Marie x

  2. They're so easy to do and look so shiny! I've had the gels on my toes for the last 2 weeks and there's no sign of them wearing off or chipping. x

  3. These look amazing! I really want to try some x

  4. You should definitely try them, they're so easy to do and the bottles last for ages. x


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