Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fake Bake Luxurious Golden Bronze 60 Minutes Tan Review

When it comes to fake tan I have pretty much tried everything so I'm always quite dubious about trying expensive ones that claim to be a new revolutionary tan. But last weekend I was due to be going out with the girls for a friends birthday and I realised I had completely forgotten to fake tan and looked almost anaemic. Unfortunately all the tans I usually use take at least 6 - 8 hours to develop, time I didn't have. I thought of buying an instant tan but those usually wash off very easily and with the threat of rain in the air I didn't want to risk looking like a streaky mess on my way to the restaurant!

Whilst I was browsing the different brands of tans I noticed the Fake Bake range and the new 60 minutes tan that claimed to develop a tan in between 1 - 3 hours, just what I needed! I was a little bit wary as it was £23.95 but that's pretty much standard for Fake Bake products.

The blurb on the packaging states that it provides the longest lasting, most natural looking, ultimate fake tan even faster! The package comes with black latex gloves to wear whilst applying and a soft bright pink mitt for an even application. Its a spray bottle and the tan itself is a dark thin liquid that dries within minutes of it being applied to the skin. It has a nice coconut smell to it and the dark colour guide ensures even coverage and prevents you missing areas. It's not sticky and is completely lightweight so you can put your clothes on within minutes of application. The tan contains accelerators to provide a tan in optimum time, with dihdroxyacetone and erythulose that begin working on contact with the skin. 

I applied it and left it on for around 2 hours, that's literally all the time I had but if I could have I would have left it on for at least another hour. I was left with a very subtle darker colour but nothing particularly noticeable - but I am naturally very pale so maybe if your skin is a bit darker than mine you'll get a darker result more quickly. One good thing about this is that you can see the colour developing as you're wearing it so you have a rough idea how it's going to come out.  The bottle does state that its not recommended to wear over 3 hours and I'm unsure whether that's because it's not good for your skin being an intense formulation or whether its because you'll end up looking like one of Willy Wonka's Oompa Lumpas if you do!

I reapplied this Friday night in preparation for a family thing on Saturday, after 4 hours I could see a change in the colour but really wanted a darker look so I decided to leave it on overnight. I was a bit worried doing this as I didn't know what I'd wake up looking like but thought I'd chance it anyway. I'm glad I did as I woke up with a lovely rich brown tan, great coverage and a healthy glow. I had over done it on my feet a bit and between my fingers - my worst tanning errors that I don't seem to learn from no matter how many times I've tanned myself. But other than that I was pleasantly surprised with this product.

I like that you can see it develop and you can wash it off when you've got the right shade. I wouldn't leave it on overnight every time I use it as it's not really the point being a 60 minute tan. Its a great tan to use to top up colour or to have a slight colour if you're limited on time. It left my skin feeling really soft, hydrated and nourished too. It did smell biscuity in the morning but once I'd washed it off that smell went away. I also have quite sensitive skin and suffer with eczema on the back of my legs and this didn't aggravate it or cling to the dry patches which really impressed me. I'd definitely buy this again and would highly recommend it to anyone!

What's your favourite fake tan?
Have you used any of the Ultimo or Famous Dave's tans? xxx

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