Monday, 2 July 2012

Lynx Attract For Her Body Spray Review

I saw this advertised on TV last night and thought it might be a funky product to try and review. I'm not usually in to body sprays as I think i'm slightly too old for them (29) if that is possible?? But mostly I tend to stick to perfumes and haven't used a body spray since I I was about 15! But given the amount of men who use Lynx every day I thought I would give this one a go!

Its only £2.95 and apparently its a limited edition so if you like it, grab a couple of cans! I'm surprised Lynx have done a Women's body spray after all this time of doing just mens products, I can't speak for all men but my partner wasn't happy about it. I think his exact words were "Is nothing sacred anymore for us men??" Talk about dramatic! So maybe I partly bought this to annoy him....don't judge me! :)

This has a fruity and floral fragrance and is very feminine. However I do think its a little young for me as it reminds me of the Impulse fragrances I used when I was a teenager and its a bit too sweet. It's a fairly nice and inoffensive smell...would I buy it again? Personally no I wouldn't, I've discovered i'm not a body spray kinda gal, but you've got to try these things!

What's your favourite fragrance? Have you tried this body spray? xxx


  1. I haven't even see this advertised! My boyfriend just rolled his eyes when I showed him this post. You're right that body sprays tend to be for teens but I might have to try this for myself. It seems a bit expensive for a body spray though? Or maybe thats just me? Thanks for the review!

    Helen xxx

  2. I saw it advertised on Sunday and was in the shops on Monday buying it! Its ok for a one off but don't think i'd rebuy it! x


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